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eCigarettes are at the centre of a smoking revolution second only to traditional tobacco cigarettes themselves! There’s a good chance that even those who don’t smoke, have heard about, or even seen ecigarettes in their general surroundings. Too often you may spot someone walking around in a public space puffing on a pen-like device! But what are ecigarettes and what makes them so special?
Many smokers use ecigs as a means to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. The fatal health risks that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes are well known. But, it’s no secret that the majority of those who try to quit, fail. Ecigarettes provide you with the sensory experience of smoking, but don’t infect your lungs with the mass chemicals, like carbon monoxide, that regular cigarettes do. What’s more, ecigarettes contain a lesser amount of nicotine.
UltimateVape™ specialises in e-cigarettes and e-liquid, which have quickly grown in popularity as an enjoyable and more socially acceptable alternative smoking product. Regardless of whether you are new to the world of 'vaping' or a long-time devotee, UltimateVape™ can help you find what you are looking for with our great selection of smokeless cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories.