The UltimateVape Resellers Program is a unique opportunity to gain access to our wide range of UltimateVape liquids and to some of the most refined and sophisticated electronic cigarette products on the market today, developed by Ovale and manufactured by Joyetech – two of the leading brands in e-cigarettes!

Over and above our excellent range of e-liquids, our Resellers Program lets you acquire unique Ovale products like the elips-C and upcoming eclo and Joyetech products like the eCom and eVic Supreme faster than other companies.

Although the e-cigarette market is growing tremendously and at a rapid pace, we recognise that some companies are not yet ready to order large quantities of products, so we’ve implemented a low minimum order quantity and a tiered pricing scale so that companies of any size will benefit.

Whether your company is just starting up online or you have existing retail outlets we look forward to doing business with you. To apply or for more information please contact